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Counselling and testing services in North Rhine-Westphalia for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as hepatitis C 

On this site, you will find anonymous and confidential information/counselling and testing services for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (venereal diseases) as well as for hepatitis C in the NRW region.

These services, provided by local health departments and Aidshilfe branches, are marked by profound expertise. In the case of an infection being imminent, you will be offered an appropriate test. 

Information/counselling is always free of charge. Also, the tests are either free of charge or inexpensive. You can select the listed services according to the city and the relevant post code, the various tests or to the target group. Furthermore, you will find basic information on national services for telephone consultation or online counselling.

Please note that all services may be affected by the Covid pandemic and may therefore differ from the details given here!