HIV self-test

Since September 29, 2018, HIV self-tests have been available over the counter in Germany.

By means of a HIV test you can find out whether you got infected with HIV. The self-test offers the possibility to test yourself, e.g. at home. To do this, you just take a small blood sample from your fingertip and you will obtain a result within a few minutes. 

However, please note the following:

  • An infection can only be reliably ruled out by means of a self-test after a period of twelve weeks after a possible HIV risk encounter. That is how long it may take for the body to produce enough antibodies for secure verification.
  • After a positive self-test, a laboratory HIV test must follow in order to verify/confirm the test result. Self-tests are highly sensitive and may show a positive result even in the absence of infection.
  • You can buy your HIV self-tests at pharmacies, drug stores, Aidshilfe branches or on the internet. Please make sure your test bears the CE mark as these have been developed for the use by medical amateurs and is certified in Europe.

You are not sure whether your HIV self-test is the right one for you? You have already done a HIV self-test and are unsure if you have done it correctly or how to evaluate the result? Please call on a counselling center and get information about the HIV self-test. Look here for the next counselling center.

  • chevron_rightUser portal

    In order to provide future self-test users with reliable information, the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medicinal Products, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI), has developed a portal for users. This portal contains the following elements:

    • List of all self-tests with CE-mark available on the EU market 
    • Web links to videos how to use all listed tests 
    • Indications of all the points to observe when using an HIV self-test (such as e.g. the so-called ‚diagnostic window‘, i.e. the period of time of (currently) twelve week between the date of infection and the date as of which an infection can be verified)
    • Links to the Federal Centre for Health Education and the Deutsche Aidshilfe where you can find further information for test users
    • Registration form for problems with the test

    Please go to for this portal.

  • chevron_rightShort description by Robert Koch-Institut

    The Robert Koch-Institut, Federal Institute for disease surveillance and prevention, compiled a short description about HIV self-tests. See