If you are not born in Germany it might be helpful for you to get some information about the work of the public health offices and Aidshilfe branches / Aids help centers in NRW

  • chevron_rightCounselling at public health offices in NRW

    A public health office in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is a local health authority in each respective district or independent town. It is responsible for medical tasks and health protections. This includes information and counselling on HIV/Aids and tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI). Counselling and testing at health offices is always provided confidentially, anonymously and, as a rule, free of charge. 

    All public health offices in North Rhine-Westphalia either offer counselling for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections or can refer you to other competent advisory services. You can find your nearest public health office at

  • chevron_rightAidshilfe branches in NRW

    All Aidshilfe branches are independent associations under the umbrella of Aidshilfe NRW and Deutsche Aidshilfe. They give advice and information on HIV, hepatitis and sexual infections and often also offer the respective tests. They are present in all major cities as well as in many local communities and areas in NRW. Counselling and testing services at Aidshilfe are always provided confidentially and anonymously. Some of the testing possibilities are free of charge, sometimes Aidshilfe asks for a fee to cover costs. For people who cannot afford the test, there usually is a cost reduction or cost exemption.

    All Aidshilfe branches in North Rhine-Westphalia offer counselling and information on the telephone or in person with regard to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. You will find your nearest Aidshilfe branch at